RJ Financial Services Inc

RJ Financial Services Inc offers a variety of loan programs to meet your needs. We work with the leading lenders in the industry to provide:
Mortgage Loan Options for Home Ownership
USDA Rural Development Loans
VA Mortgage Loans
FHA Mortgage Loans
Conventional Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loan Options for Home Ownership
RJ Financial Services Inc. offers the perfect mix of service, products, and pricing to make your home buying experience rewarding. We provide a variety of mortgage loan programs to meet the needs of every potential buyer, and we’ll work with you to give you a "Game plan and Options".

USDA Rural Development Loans
USDA rural housing loans are available for people who live in a qualified rural area and make the median income or less. These loans are a part of a government guaranteed program that was developed to help to encourage homeownership in rural areas. We work with different lenders that offer USDA loans as low as a 620 Fico score!

USDA Rural Development Loan Highlights
Finance full purchase price plus closing costs up to 100% appraised value for primary residence
6% seller concessions permitted for closing cost assistance
100% gifting permitted for all closing costs
Fico credit scores as low as 620!

VA Mortgage Loans
We are dedicated to helping Veterans, Service people and Spouses who have full benefits reach their goals of homeownership. For military members, the VA mortgage loan program makes owning a home possible by allowing eligible veterans and active-duty military personnel to finance 100% of a home’s value with zero money down. VA loans offer flexible financing options, with a variety of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans available.

VA Loan Highlights
Guaranteed by the Department of Veteran Affairs
Provides financing for Veterans, active-duty personnel, reservists, and eligible family members
No down payment required (up to conforming limit)
Seller concession allowed to pay Closing Costs, Prepaids, VA funding fee, and Discount Points.
No limit on seller contributions toward closing cost

RJ Financial Services specialize in VA financing programs. We can assist you with obtaining all the necessary documents required, such as the Certificate of Eligibility. To help ensure a timely closing. We are here to answer any questions you may have about the homebuying process.

FHA Mortgage Loans
FHA mortgage loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and provide a variety of benefits for homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, buyers without large down payments, or those using gifts for down payments and closing costs. A variety of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate options are available, so you can select the type of FHA loan that will meet your unique needs.

FHA Loan Highlights
Up to 6% seller concessions
3.5% down payment (96.5% LTV)
Gift funds or assistance allowed
Co-applicants may help you qualify even if they will not be living in the home

Conventional Mortgage Loans
Conventional mortgages are loans that are not attained under a government program, and we have several fixed-rate and adjustable rate options available. Conventional mortgage loans that are $417,000 or less for a single-family home are considered to be “conforming” loans; however, the limits can be higher in pricier regions of the country. Conventional loans that have higher limits are considered “non-conforming,” or "jumbo loans."

Conventional Mortgage Loan Highlights
Flexible loan terms
Down payments starting at 5% available
Up to $417,000 loan amount
No mortgage insurance with 20% down payment or 78% LTV
Gift funds allowed
Monthly or single premium mortgage insurance with less than 20% down

Unless otherwise indicated, these APR calculations are based on the following: Conforming loans (whose maximum loan amount is below $484,350 for the contiguous states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico or below $636,150 for Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands) are calculated based on a loan amount of $417,000 with closing costs of $8,340. Jumbo Loans (whose maximum loan amount exceed $484,350 for the contiguous states, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico or exceed $636,150 for Alaska, Guam, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands) are calculated based on a loan amount of $1,000,000 with closing costs of $20,000. Your actual APR may be different depending upon these factors.